Utilizing his meaningful community relationships throughout the Metro Area and beyond, Evolution Associate Ricardo Rocha works with the team to refine clients’ messaging and improve their outreach to the Latinx population and young adults.

Ricardo is the Chief Executive Officer for Goodness Groceries|Abarrotes Bondadosa (GG|AB) and is invested in community efforts regarding food insecurity, healthcare, immigration, the environment, education, economic development and the aging population.

A well-known community leader and the face of GG|AB to partner organizations, stakeholders and GG|AB consumers, Ricardo actively works to address discrepancies and injustices found impacting our most vulnerable community members. Ricardo thrives in working environments where he can apply his knowledge, skills, education and life experience to provide insight for our clients seeking to break through or improve their salience within the Latinx community.

Some of Ricardo’s favorite distractions are snowboarding, web design, savoring great food, listening to music, and drinking coffee.


Ricardo Rocha